eResearch Africa 2017
What is eResearch?
In the age of big data and international collaboration, researchers require dedicated and specialised IT support. UCT eResearch is the university’s response to this changing academic landscape.
Meet space scientist UCT alumnus Dr John Bosco Habarulema
One of Africa’s leading space scientists takes us through his work at the South African National Space Agency (SANSA). Dr John Bosco Habarulema is a UCT alumnus
Stakes for South Africa's democracy are high as Zuma plunges the knife
South Africa has reached a crisis point in its political history that’s been looming on the horizon for more than a year. In the dark of night – literally – President Jacob Zuma demonstrated his ruthlessness by firing finance minister, Pravin...
Constitutional Court Building
Why South Africa’s courts cannot rein in a delinquent government
South Africans sighed with relief when the Constitutional Court recently handed down a judgment in the country’s social grant saga, averting a catastrophic constitutional crisis. About 17 million social grant beneficiaries would not be left without...
kelp forests southern Africa
Kelps in southern Africa are thriving, but some key inhabitants of kelp forests are not
Around a quarter of the world's coastlines, along cool-water rocky coasts, are populated by kelp forests. With climate change, they are on the move.
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