Africa is poised for sustainable growth and development. But there are risks.
As we know, growth accelerations are pretty commonplace among developing countries. But most growth accelerations, and especially those in Africa, were short-lived and do not amount to a take-off. Have these growth accelerations completely fizzled...
Research & Innovation 2015-16
Research & Innovation 2015-16
Find out how UCT is addressing the sustainable development goals (SDGs) in the latest research report. Available as a virtual reader; includes 11 separate themed sections to download and print or share.
HIV Aids
Rings and things… other ways to prevent HIV are on the cards
The rate of HIV infection remains greater than the number of people initiating treatment. This imbalance will stop the eradication of HIV/AIDS. It begs for increased investment into primary prevention.
Wildlife solutions for a crowded planet
Wildlife solutions for a crowded planet
A centuries-long war has been ongoing in the Western Cape province of South Africa. It is a battle between humans and baboons over territory and food; just one example of conflict between people and wildlife on our crowded planet.
Chilufya Mwewa
'The first time I visited CERN, I was speechless'
Every year, CERN’s ATLAS project awards a special PhD grant to a few young researchers from around the world. The grant includes a full year based at CERN. UCT PhD student, Chilufya Mwewa, is one of them.
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