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The SKA will help us answer questions we have not even asked yet

Professor Russ Taylor, UCT/University of the Western Cape SKA Chair, discusses the science and endless possibilities behind the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) at UCT’s first Café Scientifique talk for 2016. 

The World's Platinum Nation: Will fuel cells add value to our local platinum industry?

UCT’s Dr Sharon Blair discusses why South Africa is investing in fuel cells, whether we are too far behind the rest of the world, and if it is possible for us to capture a relevant share of this growing sector in the last installment of the 2015 Café Scientifique series.

Resurrection plants: Future food, future health?

Prof Jill Farrant addresses the climate change models that predict that South Africa will be a desert by 2060 with the production of drought tolerant crops that are imperative for food security.

Minding the Gap: Heart Surgery for the Many

Peter Zilla is the Christiaan Barnard Professor and Head of the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Groote Schuur Hospital and Red Cross Children's Hospital. In this installment of the 2015 Café Scientifique series, he addresses the growing problem of Rheumatic Heart Disease in Africa with an innovative technology created to 'Close the Gap' between first world and third world heart surgery needs.

Computational Fluid Dynamics: From Medicine to Mining to Spacecraft

Mechanical Engineering Professor, Arnaud Malan, gives a talk structured around what rockets and arterial blood have in common, how mathematics can help shape the stent of an artery or wing of an aircraft, and how South Africa can accelerate wealth creation from flow intensive devices.

Modern Alchemy: Making Value out of Waste Water

Professor Alison Lewis explains how freezing is potentially a more effective option than heating as a solution to South Africa's mining waste water treatment

New Tactics against an Old Enemy: Novel Approaches to TB Diagnosis

UCT's Prof Keertan Dheda addresses the issues of coping with incurable TB as a global public health emergency, diagnosis of the disease, and the possibility of new approaches leading to the possible result in new technologies relevant to other diseases in developed and developing countries. 

Metal to Bone: From Small Engineering Task to Enormous Medical Achievement

Dr George Vicatos, bio-engineer and bone implant designer, explains the challenges of skeletal replacements and the growing technology of salvaging a damaged limb and avoiding amputation. Also addressed is the next steps in skeletal reconstruction and how South Africa compares to the rest of the world.

Magnificant MicroAlgae: Fuel, Fine Chemicals & Feeds

UCT Professor Sue Harrison gives a talk about how South Africa is uniquely positioned to take advantage of algal biotechnology, and whether it could be an economic and sustainable answer to alternative energy and Carbon Dioxide mitigation

Vaccine Rapid Response: Is South Africa Ready?

Professor Ed Rybicki addresses the possibilities of South Africa's response if a new influenza pandemic or the Middle East coronavirus struck the country, and the possible solutions and possibility of development of emergency response vaccines to protect ourselves from an outbreak.