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Funding and mentoring

Evergreen Fund

Do you want to be part of innovation at the University of Cape Town? Your donations to the Evergreen fund could help move university technologies from the laboratory to the marketplace thus ensuring that new businesses and jobs are created. Please join others who wish to make South Africa better through UCT technologies and donate to the Evergreen fund today.

Alumni & Friends Network

RC&I is establishing an Alumni & Friends Innovation Network that can contribute time or knowledge to the commercialisation of research. Three overlapping and related networks are envisaged to facilitate the different modes of interaction. Alumni & Friends can participate in any of these networks, as much of the interaction will largely be electronic.

University Technology Fund

The University Technology Fund is being created to ensure that university technology transfer offices (TTO) can support the nurturing of technology development for a longer period. The ideal funding model should enable the TTO to provide incremental or ‘drip funding’ to a new technology as it is developed. This will prevent premature company formation and ensure that technologies are market-ready before leaving the safe environment around the TTO.