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UCT students design SA’s first systemic risk ranking

11 April 2017

CNBC Africa spoke to UCT student Qobolwakhe Dube who developed South Africa’s first systemic risk ranking. 

Meet space scientist UCT alumnus Dr John Bosco Habarulema

11 April 2017

One of Africa’s leading space scientists, Dr John Bosco Habarulema, takes us through his work at the South African National Space Agency (SANSA).

The rise of fake news in South Africa

1 February 2017

Throughout 2016, there has been a sharp increase in the production and circulation of fake news in the South African media. 

Extinctions: Past and Present

9 February 2017

Discover the diversity of life on earth, the impacts of five past mass extinctions and the prospect of a sixth extinction today. Join online course.

The heart of Africa: succeeding against the odds

1 December 2016

The 2016 Academy of Medical Sciences & The Lancet International Health Lecture presented by Professor Karen Sliwa, Director of the Hatter Institute for Cardiovascular Research in Africa at the University of Cape Town.

Mental health & Poverty: Unlocking the potential

1 December 2016

In this TEDx talk Prof Crick Lund wants to create greater public awareness about the links between mental health and poverty, and what can be done to break the cycle of poverty and mental illness. 

The role of mining in Africa

17 November 2016

Presentation by Dee Bradshaw  in which she articulates the challenges faced by mining in Africa and globally.

Future Water launch highlights

18 November 2016

Reflections from the attendees at the Future Water Institute launch, at the University of Cape Town in September 2016

Professor Harald Winkler on The Science Inside

15 November 2016

We find out more about what the Paris Agreement means for South Africans with Professor Harald Winkler, the director of the Energy Research Centre at the University of Cape Town.

Climate-smart agriculture in the Western Cape

22 April 2016

The Smart Agriculture for Climate Resilience (SmartAgri) project is aimed at creating sustainable climate smart responses for increased resilience in agriculture.

Dr Robyn Pickering, NRF P-rated researcher

1 September 2016

Isotope geochemist Dr Robyn Pickering has been awarded a P rating from the National Research Foundation, assigned to researchers under 35 who are considered likely to become future international leaders in their respective fields.

Dr Katye Altieri, NRF P-rated researcher

1 September 2016

Dr Katye Altieri's research is multi-disciplinary and cuts across atmospheric chemistry, air-sea interactions and biogeochemistry. She has been awarded a P rating from the National Research Foundation.

What is a mind?

30 May 2016

Professor Mark Solms, Chair of Neuropsychology, looks at four aspects of the mind – subjectivity, intentionality, consciousness and agency.


UCT tobacco plants help save lives

20 February 2016

UCT researchers' pioneering work of testing vaccines to fight cancer and other viruses has led to a breakthrough after five years of experiments. Dr Inga Hitzeroth of UCT's Bio Pharm Unit explains how they use tobacco plants to test vaccines.

New Water Rocket World Record (830m)

9 October 2015

A water rocket designed and built by the University of Cape Town's INCFD group has set a new Water Rocket World Altitude Record at 830m. This is 33% more than the previous record of 623m which stood for 8 years.

Practical Approach to Care Kit (PACK) programme

12 August 2015

BMJ has partnered with UCT's Lung Institute's Knowledge Translation Unit to develop and distribute the Practical Approach to Care Kit (PACK) programme to healthcare workers in low to middle-income countries.

Using mobile phones to help beat hypertension

29 July 2015

Lifestyle-related diseases are on the rise in South Africa, including high blood pressure. An ingenious partnership involving Oxford University is putting the nation's extensive mobile phone network to work in beating the disease.

African photographers: How we frame ourselves

29 July 2015

‘The Other Camera’ is an exhibition celebrating street photography from South Africa. Curated by Paul Weinberg, veteran photographer and senior curator of the Visual Archives at UCT Libraries, it highlights the genre of vernacular photography from the point of view of community photographers.

How I use sound to see the brain

7 July 2015

Paediatric neurosurgeon Doctor Llewellyn Padayachy explains in a TEDxTableMountain talk how his hunt for finding non-invasive techniques for diagnosing and treating children has led to the use of ultrasound as a safe, relatively cheap and radiation-free modality, to acquire information on the brain.

Technological light from darkest Africa

7 July 2015

Prof Shadreck Chirikure, Associate Professor of Archaeology and Director of UCT's Archaeological Materials Laboratory, takes his TEDxTableMountain audience on a light-hearted yet poignant tour of pre-colonial African technology, with particular focus on indigenous mining and metalworking.

Tackling child abuse

8 June 2015

In one of South Africa's poorest areas, an imaginative new parenting programme – a collaboration between Oxford University, UCT, UNICEF, the World Health Organisation and the South African Government – is tackling the physical and emotional abuse of children.​

Fighting TB – South Africa's 'insidious epidemic'

28 May 2015

South Africa stands at the centre of a global TB epidemic. The South African Tuberculosis Vaccine Initiative (SATVI) at UCT is working together with Oxford University, health workers and community volunteers in the hunt for an urgently-needed new vaccine.​

Dancing under African skies

1 March 2015

PhD astronomy student Mokhine Motsoaledi describes her love of starry skies and salsa, and Dr Tana Joseph argues that science is not just for old white men, in this video by UCT's Stepping Stone Video Outreach Programme.

Explorations in South African flute music

19 February 2015

"Music chooses you, and not the other way around," says flautist and UCT lecturer Dr Liesl Stoltz. She explains why she decided to record the first CD of flute music by South African composers such as Peter Klatzow, Stefans Grové, Hendrik Hofmeyr, and Paul Hanmer.

How we can make crops survive without water

12 January 2015

Professor Jill FarrantUCT Research Chair in Plant Molecular Physiology, presented a GlobalTED talk in Geneva, Switzerland on resurrection (extreme drought tolerant) plants. She explains their potential to ensure food security in the face of climate change.


16 September 2014

SKIN is a research initiative in the Faculty of Health Sciences, that looks at approaches to and consequences of skin lightening across various disciplines.


Making Value out of Waste Water

15 July 2014

Prof Alison Lewis looks at the current problems with waste water purification methods, describes eutectic freeze crystallisation technology and explains why it is such a hot topic. (Café Scientifique talk.)

Elemental: Sculpting the future

14 July 2014

The all-South-African computer-based modelling software that is going global and into space.

The heart of Cape Town

25 November 2013

Almost 70 million people suffer from Rheumatic heart disease in Africa: roughly double the number with HIV. The development of an aortic deployment device is a UCT medical innovation which will bring affordable hope to these sufferers.

The Addiction Division

22 November 2013

Despite a highly addictive population in the Western Cape, treatment rates remain low. This is partly because there are very few people specifically trained to deal with addiction. UCT's Addiction Division is aiming to change that.