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NSTF Finalists 2016/2017

Seven UCT finalists in 2016/2017 NSTF-South32 Awards

15 May 2017

The finalists for the prestigious National Science and Technology Forum (NSTF) awards were announced this week, with seven UCT researchers honoured among them.  Read more


South Africa’s San people issue ethics code to scientists

10 May 2017

The San people of southern Africa are among the most-studied indigenous groups in the world. Legions of researchers have investigated their hunter-gatherer lifestyles, click languages and ancient rock art, and San individuals were some of the first from Africa to have their whole genomes sequenced. Read more

eResearch visualisation wall at UCT

Launch of data visualisation wall at UCT will support researcher engagement on campus

09 May 2017

Visual technology is transforming the way research is conducted by magnifying data that was previously invisible, and enabling researchers to interrogate these extremely big datasets in real-time. Read more

Kelly Chibale

Kelly Chibale named one of the 2017 Quartz Africa Innovators 

8 May 2017

Professor Kelly Chibale is one of the 33 innovators in Africa honoured in 2017 by the digital news agency, Quartz. Chibale heads up UCT’s Drug Discovery and Development Centre (H3D) and has been at the helm of ground-breaking research to manufacture...Read more

Sheetal Silal

UCT’s Sheetal Silal first runner up in national heat of world’s biggest science communication competition

20 April 2017

Dr Sheetal Silal, senior lecturer and researcher in the Department of Statistical Sciences in the Faculty of Science at UCT was first runner up in the Famelab national heat. Read more

Cape Town residential density

How to recreate the city of Cape Town

6 April 2017

Why has it been so difficult to reshape our cities and to move away from the legacy of apartheid?  Read more

Sheetal Silal to represent Western Cape at national Famelab competition

31 March 2017

Dr Sheetal Silal, a senior lecturer in the Department of Statistical Sciences, is on her way to the finals of science communication competition, FameLab, where she will represent both UCT and the Western Cape province. Read more

Peace and Conflict scholar appointed to Van Zyl Slabbert Chair

Peace and Conflict scholar appointed to Van Zyl Slabbert Chair

30 March 2017

Leading African scholar Professor Eghosa Emmanuel Osaghae is the first of the 2017 Van Zyl Slabbert Visiting Professors at the University of Cape Town. The Van Zyl Slabbert Chair honours Dr. Frederik Van Zyl Slabbert’s commitment to an open and democratic society. Read more

Primary healthcare bible piloted in Brazil

Primary healthcare bible piloted in Brazil

30 March 2017

Primary healthcare practitioners call it their bible. You’ll find a well-thumbed copy of the Practical Approach to Care Kit (PACK) in clinics all over South Africa. It’s now being piloted in Brazil. Read more

Research reveals deep East-South connection

27 March 2017

Professor Rajend Mesthrie has been awarded a BRICS-related NIHSS grant for joint India-South Africa research on language and culture. Read more

Dr Stephanie Fanucchi

Stephanie Fanucchi recognised at the 19th L’Oréal-Unesco for Women in Science Awards

24 March 2017

The 19th edition of the L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Awards International Rising Talent gala dinner took place this week in Paris. Dr Stephanie Fanucchi, a postdoctoral researcher the was one of 15 young female scientists recognised for her innovative research in cancer and autoimmune diseases. Read more

Martial eagle

Jumbo threat to martial eagles

22 March 2017

Martial eagles are apex predators, but there are 60% fewer of them now than 20 years ago, due largely to unlikely culprits: elephants. Read more

Maryam Fish_Gasnat Shaboodien and Sarah Kraus_the all-female team of researchers who made the discovery of the CDH2 gene

UCT researchers discover heart-attack gene

13 March 2017

UCT researchers, through global collaboration, have identified a new gene that is a major cause of sudden death among young people and athletes. Read more

Sugar Tax

Sugar tax is not pie in the sky

9 March 2017

The soon-to-be-implemented sugar tax is backed by heaps of research and is a step in the right direction, but needs to be supported by an array of public health interventions to make a serious dent in South Africa’s non-communicable disease scourge. Read more

Students at computers

Cape Town and Leeds universities to study role of technology in the future of higher education

9 March 2017

A new transcontinental research project is looking at the way technology is affecting traditional campus-based degrees. As digital technology continues to influence and “disrupt” how students learn and are taught, the research... Read more

UCT students Qobolwakhe Dube and Tresor Kaya

New ranking shows which SA banks contribute most to systemic risk

8 March 2017

Two students from UCT have designed South Africa’s first systemic risk ranking – which outlines what could happen in a financial crisis and identifies who is putting the system most at risk, and why. Read more

UCT student dishes food

UCT students research food insecurity

8 March 2017

More than 80% of the attendees at a Cape community health centre were found to be food insecure to some extent, with more than half of them being severely food insecure, found a survey by UCT students. Read more

UCT Jameson Plaza

Development Studies at UCT in Global Top 10 for a Third Year Running

8 March 2017

The University of Cape Town (UCT) is ranked 10th in development studies in the 2017 QS World University Rankings by Subject, released on Wednesday 8 March 2017. The universities of Sussex, Harvard and Oxford have taken the first three places. Read more

UCT's Bertha Centre in global top five

1 March 2017

A Bridgespan Group report has placed the Bertha Centre for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship among the world’s top five centres for social impact, a significant achievement for the Graduate School of Business’s five-year-old centre. Read more

3MT® launch at UCT: Packing four years of research into three minutes?

24 February 2017

Nineteen PhD researchers stood up in front of an audience and panel of judges on Wednesday to condense years of research, culminating in a roughly 80,000 word thesis, into a three-minute oral presentation. Read more

UCT app to make every Drop Drop count

7 February 2017

With a meagre 27.5% of potable water left in Cape Town’s six major dams and the implementation of Level 3B water restrictions, there is an obvious need for South Africans to work together to save water. Read more

African molerat

Digging deeper: understanding how living underground affects bone development

3 February 2017

Patterns of bone development in mammals are best known from domestic and terrestrial animals, but there is a considerable gap in our understanding of how life underground affects bone growth and development. Emerging research on African molerats may help us fill this gap. Read more

TB: New incurable strains

30 January 2017

The rise of drug-resistant tuberculosis has taken a new, horrifying turn. While various strains of TB, with varying degrees of resistance to drugs, have wreaked havoc on South Africans, a new strain of TB has been found to be simply incurable. Read more

Prof Peter Ryan

Peter Ryan: UCT’s latest A-rated researcher

2 February 2017

Professor Peter Ryan, director of the FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology, is the latest UCT researcher to receive the coveted A rating from the National Research Foundation (NRF). Read more

Immunopaedia: the one-stop online immunology learning resource

13 January 2017

With over 10 years of research-mined, continuously created and collected information, Immunopaedia provides students, medical interns and practitioners with a hub for learning and improving their understanding of the human immune system. Read more

A reluctant farewell to DVC Visser

19 December 2016

After 40 years in academia, 32 of which were spent at UCT, it is difficult for Professor Danie Visser, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (DVC) for Research and Internationalisation, to let go. Read more

Fighting African fungal infections: the world's first international research centre at UCT

21 December 2016

The world's first international research centre for tackling fungal infections, which kill around 1.3 million people globally every year, has been set up in South Africa by the University of Aberdeen in conjunction with UCT. Read more

New fellows honoured for distinguished work

9 December 2016

2016 UCT fellows – Professor Nicola Mulder, head of the Computational Biology Division in the Department of Integrative Biomedical Sciences, and Alphose Zingoni, professor of structural engineering and mechanics in the Department of Civil Engineering – were formally inducted at a dinner on 7 December. UCT fellowships recognise original, distinguished work. Read more

Mobile bullying thrust into the spotlight

8 December 2016

NRF-rated researcher and Deputy Dean Professor Michael Kyobe of the Department of Information Systems in the Faculty of Commerce has won a highly prized R1.6 m grant for research into mobile bullying in high schools. Read more

College of Fellows award winners

Up-and-coming researchers recognised by College of Fellows

8 December 2016

UCT’s College of Fellows has awarded the Young Researcher Award to three young academics to honour the significant contributions each have made to research in their particular fields. Read more

The first MeerKAT dish antenna, installed on site in the Karoo in March 2014

Wellcome Centre for Infectious Diseases Research at UCT: a first in Africa

7 December 2016

A Wellcome Centre for Infectious Diseases Research in Africa (CIDRI-Africa) will be established at the University of Cape Town to augment acknowledged strengths in the basic and clinical aspects of infectious diseases research in the Faculty of Health Sciences. Read more

The first MeerKAT dish antenna, installed on site in the Karoo in March 2014

International boost will help UCT researchers shine light on dark energy

1 December 2016

The UTFORSK Partnership Programme – run by the Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education – has awarded R3.2 million (about NOK1.9 million) to a joint cosmology and astrophysics research and teaching project between UCT and the University of Oslo.
Read more

UCT earns position on international expert advisory board to tackle drug resistant infections

UCT earns position on international advisory board to tackle drug-resistant infections

30 November 2016

The UK government has appointed an expert advisory board to advise how it can best spend an additional 50 million British pounds over the next five years to fund innovative initiatives to tackle drug resistant infections, which include resistance to antibiotics. Read more

Gamm-ray binary

Luminous gamma-ray binary in the Large Magellanic Cloud

18 November 2016

An international team of scientists, including two UCT researchers, have discovered the first gamma-ray binary in a galaxy other than ours. Read more

Mamokgethi Phakeng

Without transformation, research excellence is unsustainable – Mamokgethi Phakeng

16 November 2016

We should challenge the view that we cannot deal with issues of equity, transformation and capacity development at the same time as we encourage, pursue and recognise excellence, UCT’s incoming Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Research and Internationalisation, Professor Mamokgethi Phakeng, said at the 2016 UCT Annual Research Function. Read more

Professor Danie Visser

UCT researchers help shape sustainable development goals

16 November 2016

UCT should not only be the best university in Africa but the best for Africa. This was the message from Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Research and Internationalisation, Professor Danie Visser at the 2016 research function and launch of Research & Innovation 2015-16. Read more

Mark New

AXA awards first research chair in Africa to UCT

15 November 2016

AXA Research Fund has awarded its first research chair in Africa to the University of Cape Town. The new chair, in African Climate Risk, will be held by Professor Mark New, director of the African Climate and Development Initiative (ACDI). Read more

Mauritius encourages intra-African research

Mauritius encourages intra-African research

9 November 2016

The Human Heredity and Health in Africa (H3Africa) Initiative aims to improve the study of genomics and environmental factors of common diseases in Africa. Read more

Big data

UCT and NWU launch first stage of big-data African Research Cloud

31 October 2016

The Inter-University Institute for Data Intensive Astronomy (IDIA) has become the first African institute to launch a cloud-based data centre. This marks the first step in a three-year pilot project to establish the African Research Cloud (ARC) for data-intensive research. Read more

UCT campus

UCT Rises to 112th in Global University Ranking

26 October 2016

The University of Cape Town has risen dramatically in the third annual 2017 Best Global Universities rankings. The university is ranked 112th globally and 1st in Africa: a leap of 50 places from the previous year. Read more

Mining for sustainable development

Mining for sustainable development

25 October 2016

An African Development Bank grant will be funding a UCT-led operation to develop research into the role of mining in sustainable development. Read more

SAMRC Awards 2016

UCT researchers shine at SAMRC Scientific Merit Awards

14 October 2016

Three UCT researchers have been honoured at the South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC) Scientific Merit Awards 2016. Read more

solar flares

Grant powers Gaunt’s geomagnetic study

13 October 2016

An Open Philanthropy Project grant paves the way to understanding the risks posed to earth’s electrical grids by geomagnetic storms. Read more

UCT in global antimicrobial research

UCT in global antimicrobial research

21 September 2016

UCT’s Drug Discovery and Development Centre is one of five drug research organisations invited to participate in a global research project on antimicrobial resistance. Read more

Professor Damtew Teferra

The challenges and importance of internationalisation for Africa

20 September 2016

Internationalisation is increasingly important owing to the complexity of international research, Professor Damtew Teferra, leader of Higher Education Training and Development at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, said at a special seminar hosted by UCT to celebrate 20 years of internationalisation. Read more

Future Water

Future of SA water looks brighter

16 September 2016

Realising that the water crisis cannot be resolved within individual disciplines, UCT has launched the interdisciplinary Future Water research institute. Read more

Exhibition dismantles the earth’s crust

7 September 2016

There was volcanic rock, kimberlite (from which diamonds are mined) and an array of other wonderful rock specimens as UCT’s Department of Geological Sciences exhibited the wares of its world-renowned Upper Mantle Research Collection. Read more.

NRF Awards 2016

UCT researchers acknowledged at NRF Awards

2 September 2016

The University of Cape Town congratulates all the researchers who were honoured at the 2016 National Research Foundation (NRF) Awards. Read more.

Mamokgethi Phakeng

Mamokgethi Phakeng named Businesswoman of the Year

30 August 2016

Professor Mamokgethi Phakeng has been named Businesswoman of the Year (Education) by the Businesswomen’s Association of South Africa. Read more.

Professor Ernest Aryeetey

African Research Universities Alliance (ARUA) appoints first Secretary General

25 July 2016

Professor Ernest Aryeetey, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Ghana, has been appointed to drive a collaborative initiative formed by research-intensive universities in Africa to strengthen research and postgraduate training on the continent. Read more.

UCT’s postgrad degrees tackle the complexities of sustainable development

2 August 2016

The United Nations’ 17 sustainable development goals for 2030 include the eradication of poverty and containing the dangerous effects of climate change. But the work that lies ahead requires many knowledgeable individuals capable of working in increasingly complex environments. Universities must step up to the plate, says Professor Harro von Blottnitz, head of Environmental & Process Systems Engineering. Read more.


UCT Financial Mathematics Team Challenge

Top universities compete in the third annual UCT Financial Mathematics Team Challenge

18 July 2016

Students and academic staff from six international universities gathered at UCT this July for a unique competition with the potential to drive change in the financial services industry. Read more.


Shadreck Chirikure

Shadreck Chirikure awarded prestigious fellowship at Oxford

07 July 2016

Associate Professor Shadreck Chirikure in the Department of Archaeology has been selected the 2016-17 Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) Visiting Fellow. Read more.


NSTF Awards 2016

UCT researchers honoured at NSTF awards

1 July 2016

Five UCT researchers were honoured at the prestigious 18th National Science and Technology Forum (NSTF) gala dinner on Thursday night. Read more.


Chris Reason

Oceanographer Chris Reason receives NRF A rating

9 June 2016

Chris Reason, professor in the Department of Oceanography, is the latest UCT researcher to receive the coveted A rating from the National Research Foundation (NRF), bringing the total number of A-rated researchers at the university to 39. Read more


Atlantic fellows

Atlantic Fellows to tackle global inequalities

8 June 2016

The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), Atlantic Philanthropies and UCT are to cooperate on an ambitious 20-year fellowship initiative to tackle inequalities around the world. Read more


Destruction and detritus in the South African mining industry

Destruction and detritus in the South African mining industry

8 June 2016

A photo exhibition at the Centre for African Studies Gallery shows the great damage wreaked by the South African mining industry on the people and environment without which it would cease to exist. Read more



Six of the most impressive tech and science students at UCT right now

31 May 2016

As a world-class university, UCT attracts exceptional students. Here are six of the university's most impressive current students in the sciences and technology fields. Read more



Hornbills in the Kalahari desert may keep cool by losing heat through their beaks

30 May 2016

When temperatures are scorching, southern yellow-billed hornbills in the Kalahari Desert of southern Africa dilate blood vessels in their beaks to thermoregulate and cool off, according to a new UCT study. Read more


South African children

10 years on, SA children continue to experience high levels of violence

30 May 2016

A look back at the past 10 annual issues of the South African Child Gauge has revealed both the progress made for SA children, as well as the obstacles they still face. Read more


Postgraduate students graduating at UCT

There is a crisis in our postgraduate pipeline, UCT Research Indaba hears

25 May 2016

"The biggest predictor of success at the doctoral level is whether the student is part-time or full-time." This was but one of the realities of postgraduate studies in South Africa that Professor Johann Mouton of Stellenbosch University spoke to in the opening address of the recent UCT 2016 Research Indaba. Read more


Peter Beighton

SA Medical Journal publishes Festschrift for Beighton 

25 May 2016

Emeritus professor in human genetics Peter Beighton is the subject of a Festschrift to be published as a supplement to the SA Medical Journal on 1 June 2016. Read more


UCT researchers identify genetic patterns for six common cancers

UCT researchers identify genetic patterns for six common cancers

24 May 2016

A team based at the University of Cape Town has discovered that each of six cancer types (breast, colon, lung, kidney, ovarian and brain) has a unique genetic expression pattern, which can be used for accurate early diagnosis and targeted treatment. Read more

Birds of a feather: different colours, same territory

24 May 2016

UCT researchers have published a paper that may help evolutionary biologists understand how multiple colour varieties in species can co-exist in the face of natural selection. Read more


Jennifer Thomson

UCT’s Jennifer Thomson elected as president of international women's organisation

20 May 2016

Jennifer Thomson, emeritus professor of microbiology in the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology, has been elected president of the Organisation for Women in Science for the Developing World (OWSD) at the organisation’s 5th General Assembly and International Conference in Kuwait. Read more


Black sparrowhawk

UCT ecologists harness the power of Google Images for research 

20 May 2016

UCT ecologists have shown that images harvested off the internet can be as accurate a research tool as fieldwork. Read more


Networking to solve African problems

Networking to solve African problems

13 May 2016

Seventeen partners of the Australia Africa Universities Network (AAUN) gathered at UCT last week to explore ways in which they could harness their expertise across areas of priority for both Australia and Africa. Read more



Scientists can detect dinosaur disease after 72 million years

6 May 2016

In a paper published recently in Nature’s Scientific Reports, a team of South African and Argentinian scientists has shown that disease was prevalent among some of the largest known dinosaurs, the aptly-named titanosaurs. Read more


Claude Leon Merit Award

Early-career researchers honoured by Claude Leon Foundation

5 May 2016

Every year the Claude Leon Foundation awards early-career researchers of distinction in the natural sciences, medical sciences and engineering. This year six postdoctoral fellows were honoured with a grant to further fund their research projects. Read more


UCT graduation

UCT ranked top university in Africa 

3 May 2016

UCT has been listed as the top university in Africa by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings for 2016. Read more



Global universities' future challenges and opportunities 

29 April 2016

Six Vice-Chancellors and Presidents from Oxford, Beijing, Singapore, Canberra, Cape Town, and Copenhagen addressed an audience of alumni and staff from all their universities at the 10th anniversary of the International Alliance of Research Universities (IARU) in Oxford, an event that also witnessed the admission of the University of Cape Town as the first African partner to this global research and education network. Read more


Assoc Prof Elelwani Ramugondo delivered the opening address at the Department of Psychiatry and Mental Health’s recent annual research day

Invest in the full community of researchers - and their ways of seeing 

25 April 2016

Bringing everyone on board in research is important not only to the institution’s survival but also to the scope, breadth and depth of its research – through "different ways of seeing" in research, Assoc Prof Elelwani Ramugondo said in her opening address at the Department of Psychiatry and Mental Health’s recent annual research day. Read more


Agnes Mbonyiryivuze and Greg Jackson

Physics postgrads to attend the 2016 Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting in Germany

21 April 2016

Postgraduate students in physics, Agnes Mbonyiryivuze and Greg Jackson, will be rubbing shoulders with scientific achievers at this year’s Nobel Laureate Meeting in Lindau, Germany. Read more


Mental health care can be cost-effective in poorer countries

13 April 2016

On 13 April UCT’s Programme for Improving Mental Health Care (PRIME) presented findings to world financial leaders in Washington which show that it’s possible to narrow the large treatment gap for mental health care in low- and middle-income countries. The findings were presented at the World Bank and International Monetary Fund Spring Meeting. Read more



UCT group wins competitive Microsoft research award

13 April 2016

The H3Africa Chip Array, a subsidiary of the African genomics project, Human Heredity and Health in Africa Initiative (H3Africa), has been awarded 200 000 free hours of access to the computational facilities of the Microsoft Azure Platform. This will enable them to rapidly advance the research outcomes of the project, which seeks to identify genetic variations specific to African populations. Read more


UCT's Associate Professor Tom Scriba and his team at the South African Tuberculosis Vaccine Initiative (SATVI)

Biomarker discovery offers hope for new TB vaccine discovery

12 April 2016

A team of scientists from the University of Cape Town (UCT), Oxford University and the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine have made a discovery that reveals how we can improve development of more effective vaccines against tuberculosis. Read more


A crusade for the holy grail of TB testing

A crusade for the holy grail of TB testing

12 April 2016

The war against tuberculosis is a step closer to being won after UCT researchers received a generous research grant to develop a cheap, safe and simple method to test for the disease. Read more


Black holes aligned in space  

11 April 2016

Nobody has ever seen one. They intrigue and, on some shady shelves of popular culture, even horrify. Matthew McConaughey escaped from one’s clutches in 2014’s Interstellar, but how much do we actually know about black holes? Read more


Kelly Chibale, director of UCT’s Drug Discovery and Development Centre

New partnership to spur drug innovation in Africa  

7 April 2016

A strategic partnership between UCT’s Drug Discovery and Development Centre (H3D) and Janssen Pharmaceutica NV will identify and address advanced drug development in Africa and build understanding of how different African populations metabolise drugs. Read more


New online course in postgrad research writing  

6 April 2016

The Centre for Higher Education Development (CHED) has launched an online course to help postgraduate students to develop their research writing, specifically the concept note that informs a full research proposal. Read more


Bloodtest to predict the risk of developing TB disease

A test to predict the risk of developing TB disease  

4 April 2016

Researchers from the South African Tuberculosis Vaccine Initiative (SATVI) at UCT and the Center for Infectious Disease Research (CIDR) in Seattle have discovered a blood test that can predict whether someone is likely to develop tuberculosis (TB) disease, long before the disease manifests. Read more


Godfrey Charles-Cadogan

Godfrey Charles-Cadogan: PhD graduate publishes path-breaking paper on behavioural economics

3 April 2016

A research paper by UCT PhD graduate Godfrey Charles-Cadogan, published in the March 2016 edition of the prestigious Journal of Mathematical Economics journal, proves that the index used to measure loss aversion in behavioural economics is not measurable. Read more


UCT in top 10 in world subject rankings

UCT in top 10 in world subject rankings  

24 March 2016

According to the latest QS World University Rankings by Subject 2016, UCT has ranked among the top 10 universities in the world in development studies for the second year in a row. Other South African and African universities also performed well in the rankings, particularly in this field. Read more


Low-cost urine test reduces HIV-associated TB death rate

Low-cost urine test reduces HIV-associated TB death rate  

16 March 2016

A UCT-led clinical study on a urine-test able to diagnose tuberculosis in severely ill HIV patients has led to a call for its immediate use in public health programmes because it has the potential to save lives. Read more


Cheaper HPV vaccine might come from tobacco

Cheaper HPV vaccine might come from tobacco  

14 March 2016

In a pioneering step towards using plants to produce vaccines against cervical cancer and other viruses, UCT researchers have generated synthetic human papillomavirus-derived viral particles called pseudovirions in tobacco plants. Read more


Coldest place in Africa is in the UCT physics department

Coldest place in Africa is in the UCT physics department  

14 March 2016

The Department of Physics at the University of Cape Town (UCT) recently acquired a dilution fridge, which is officially the coldest place in Africa with a temperature of 8.190mK (milli Kelvin), ie 122 times colder than the known naturally coldest place in the universe – the Boomerang Nebula. Read more


Three UCT scholars attend Next Einstein Forum in Dakar

Three UCT scholars attend Next Einstein Forum in Dakar  

8 March 2016

UCT has three Next Einstein Forum (NEF) fellows attending a global gathering in Dakar from 8 to 10 March. Also in attendance will be at least 10 heads of state, Nobel laureates and ministers of science and technology, including South Africa’s Naledi Pandor. Read more


Revel Iyer

Revel Iyer awarded a Leaders in Innovation Fellowship 

2 March 2016

Dr Revel Iyer from Research Contracts and Intellectual Property Services (RCIPS) at UCT was recently awarded a Fellowship in the Leaders in Innovation programme in the United Kingdom. Read more


Bongani Mayosi receives A rating

Bongani Mayosi receives A rating

24 February 2016

Professor Bongani Mayosi, dean designate for the Faculty of Health Sciences, has been awarded an A rating by the National Research Foundation. Read more


Will the vote swing away from the ANC in elections?

3 February 2016

It's not policy or charismatic leaders that will see the ANC triumph again in the upcoming local elections, argues UCT political analyst Dr Zwelethu Jolobe. Instead, it's something rather more banal: the ANC will ensure that its captive audience physically gets to the polls and casts its vote, better than any of its main rivals can. Read more


21st Century support for research

3 February 2016

Research at UCT is booming: every year, we sign more research contracts, attract more postgraduates and postdoctoral fellows, increase our publication count, and attract more donations and funding. At the same time, we are operating in a rapidly-changing research landscape, with the growth of big data, open access and international collaboration. Read more


Appointment of new Dean of Commerce at UCT

31 December 2015

Professor Woolard currently teaches in the School of Economics and is a Research Associate of the Southern Africa Labour and Development Research Unit (SALDRU) and a Research Fellow of the Institute for the Study of Labour in Bonn. She is highly acclaimed in her areas of research interest, which include labour markets, social protection, tax policy and the measurement of poverty and inequality. Read more.


UCT MOOC on top 10 list worldwide

30 December 2015

UCT’s MOOC ‘What is a mind?’ has made it onto a list of the top 10 MOOCs to have been offered in 2015. (MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course, and offers unlimited, free participation over the internet to people all over the world.). Read more.


Cape Town informal waste collection 'ripe for the picking'

24 December 2015

When Dr Suzall Timm decided to focus on waste collecters in Cape Town for her doctoral thesis, she uncovered a mound of fascinating material. Timm graduated with a PhD in criminology on 19 December 2015. Read more.


UCT becomes first African university to join international research alliance

14 December 2015

The University of Cape Town (UCT) is set to be the first African university to become part of the International Alliance of Research Universities (IARU) – an alliance of some of the world’s best universities – next year. Read more.


Africa Research Cloud agreement

9 December 2015

With an increase in demand to meet big data requirements, UCT and North-West University have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to support researchers via the Africa Research Cloud (ARC). Read more.


'Gardening' the ocean to restore the planet

8 December 2015

Did you know that kelp soaks up five times as much carbon as land-based plants and that ‘green farming’ can produce 30 times more biofuel than soybeans? US expert Bren Smith visited UCT’s aquaculture group and put the spotlight on combining kelp farming with shellfish. Read more.


Young scientists measure Atlantic's vital signs

3 December 2015

Four UCT students arrived in port after five weeks aboard international polar research vessel the RV Polarstern having gained invaluable experience observing and measuring the Atlantic Ocean’s vital signs. Read more.


UCT scientists develop new weapon in arsenal against TB

2 December 2015

Scientists at the University of Cape Town, in partnership with the Center for Infectious Disease Research in Seattle, have completed a decade-long project to develop a biomarker test that predicts whether a person is at risk of developing full-blown TB. Read more.



Water high on EBE's agenda  

26 November 2015

Engineering & Built Environment Dean Professor Alison Lewis and her team recently brought home an award from the Water Research Commission for a pioneering process to treat acid mine drainage – but this is only a hint of things to come in the year ahead when water will play an even greater role in the life of the faculty. Read more


UCT's newest A-rated researcher  

24 November 2015

Climate change scientist Professor Bruce Hewitson is UCT’s newest A-rated researcher following the latest round of National Research Foundation ratings. Read more


Mayosi takes the helm at Health Sciences  

18 November 2015

Head of medicine Professor Bongani Mayosi is the new Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences and will take up this position on 1 September 2016. Read more


10th edition of the South African Child Gauge released  

16 November 2015

The 2015 edition of the only publication in the country that provides an annual snapshot of the status of the country's children, the South African Child Gauge, is now available for download or purchase. Read more


Chibale part of society's 'hall of fame'  

13 November 2015

Professor Kelly Chibale (Department of Chemistry) has been profiled in the Royal Society of Chemistry's campaign "175 Faces of Chemistry: Celebrating diversity in science". Read more


Property for Africa: how the coming real-estate boom can shape economic development on the continent  

13 November 2015

South Africa is home to 15 million sqm of office space, while the rest of Africa, including North and Sub-Saharan Africa, contains a mere six million sqm, according to a report by Jones Lang Salle. But this is set to change. Africa is witnessing a remarkable growth of its city economies, with a rate of urbanisation that in some areas is pushing 9% a year. Read more


Leading sports injury clinic 'goes public'  

16 October 2015

Training and rehabilitating top sportspeople after injury is core business at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa (SSISA), which is located in the shadow of Newlands rugby stadium, and their services have now been extended to the public. Read more


UCT scholars honoured at ASSAf award ceremony  

16 October 2015

Five UCT scholars were celebrated at the Academy of Science of South Africa’s annual award ceremony on 14 October in Stellenbosch. Read more


Severed head suggests ancient ritual rather than trophy-taking  

12 October 2015

A severed head with amputated hands, believed to be 9 000 years old, has been found buried in Brazil. It suggests that ritualised decapitation is much older and more widespread than we thought. Read more


UN prioritises mental health in Development Agenda2030  

8 October 2015

UCT’s Professor Crick Lund, director of the Alan J Flisher Centre for Public Mental Health, believes the inclusion of specific mental health targets in the new United Nations Sustainable Development Goals is a major breakthrough to get mental health on the global development policy agenda. Read more


UCT team smashes eight-year water rocket world altitude record  

7 October 2015

A team from the University of Cape Town's Industrial Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Research Group has successfully broken the longstanding Class A water rocket world altitude record by a massive 33%, achieving a height of 830m. Read more


A lens on nature  

6 October 2015

Exposure – ZooBot's annual photography competition – has delivered yet another crop of beautiful images highlighting the biodiversity of southern Africa. The winners will be announced at a special prize-giving event on 16 October 2015 which is open to the public. Read more


Dynamic commerce team wins national water award  

5 October 2015

iCOMMS, a research team in the Faculty of Commerce at UCT has picked up an award for its novel use of cellphone technology to help rural communities with water management. Read more


Show goes on despite passport woes  

2 October 2015

Superstar French economist Thomas Piketty may not have made it to the Mother City for his much-anticipated lecture, but a discussion about global and South African poverty inequality still rang through UCT’s Jameson Hall on 30 September. Read more


Award-winning book gives voice to feminism in Islam

12 June 2015

Associate Professor Sa'diyya Shaikh has won the 2015 UCT Book Award for her exploration of the ideas of a 13th century Sufi mystic, poet and scholar in Sufi Narratives of Intimacy. Read more.