UCT Alumni & Friends Network

Financial support is not the only way through which a contribution can be made to turn our inventions into innovations, i.e. something that has proven social and economic value.

Research Contracts & IP Services provides a range of services to support the commercialisation of research and is seeking to establish an Alumni & Friends Innovation Network that can contribute to these activities.

The contribution can be in time, knowledge or contacts in the marketplace. Involvement with any specific opportunity will be by invitation and Alumni may decline at any time - importantly a financial contribution is not required for participation in the Alumni & Friends Innovation Network.

Three overlapping and related networks are envisaged to facilitate the different modes of interaction and you can sign up for one or more of them. Local, national and international Alumni & Friends can participate in any of these networks, as much of the interaction will largely be electronic.


UCT Alumni & Friend Innovation Supporter

This network will maintain contact with Alumni & Friends who have an interest in innovation and enterprise at UCT.

Participants in the Supporter's Network will be alerted to opportunities to assist UCT entrepreneurs (students, staff or both) with generic advice or mentoring.


UCT Alumni & Friends Innovation Champion

Innovation Champions will work more closely with a specific enterprise, providing more active mentoring and advice often on an ongoing basis. A Champion may even be selected to become a non-executive Director in a start-up company or for the more entrepreneurial to fulfill the role of CEO.

Innovation Champions may also be invited to participate in discussion forums or strategy workshops that will draw on their specific areas of expertise.


UCT Alumni & Friends Innovation Investor

Members of this network will donate financially to UCT's Evergreen Seed Fund and will be provided, as appropriate, first sight of investment opportunities in UCT spin-out companies arising from UCT Research.


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