UCT Products

Locator: surgical solution for large kidney stone removal

UCT inventor and surgeon, Dr John Lazarus (Division of Urology) and co-inventor John Williams (an independent engineer) invented a novel surgical tool, the Locator, for use in large kidney stone surgery, where it improves the efficiency of the minimally invasive procedure. Read more

PeptoSport®: protein-based muscle-recovery product

UCT’s Professor Andrew Bosch developed PeptoSport® during research on the role of carbohydrates and proteins in sports performance. The unique formulation contains key protein hydrolysates (PeptoPro®) which, unlike intact proteins normally found in food, require no digestion and so are absorbed directly into the blood. Read more


Dr Alan Horn from the Department of Paediatric and Child Health invented a simple, but novel cooling system called “Neofan” for the prevention of neurological damage in new born infants who had been starved of oxygen during problematic labour - a condition termed hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE). By cooling the baby’s brain immediately after birth this damage can be prevented or minimised. Read more

In-situ Magnetometer: a cutting-edge research tool

Unlike conventional magnetometers, which are based on quartz sample holders,and only capable of varying the operating temperature, the UCT Magnetometer can characterise ferro- and super-paramagnetic materials at actual industrial operating conditions (e.g. temperatures between 25 and 500°C and pressures of up to 50 bar).  Read more

In-situ XRD cell: a reaction cell for X-ray diffraction studies

The In-Situ XRD cell was invented by Prof Michael Claeys (Department of Chemical Engineering) and Dr Nico Fischer. The cell is a cutting-edge research tool and can be retrofitted to existing X-ray diffractometers or synchrotrons to enable materials such as catalysts to be studied at elevated temperatures and pressures, in changeable gaseous or liquid environments. Read more

Hot Platinum: Innovative Platinum Casting Equipment

UCT / Engineering & Built Environment Faculty graduates and entrepreneurs Ali Brey (Managing Director) and Irshad Khan (Technical Director), in conjunction with Profs Candy Lang and Jon Tapson, developed technology capable of melting and casting 20-250 g of platinum , palladium, gold, silver and stainless steel using standard single phase power.  Read more

Catalysis Test Units

Catalyst Test Units have been manufactured in the Centre for Catalysis Research in the Department of Chemical Engineering for a number of years. The streamlined, professional-looking units are mobile, skid mounted and modular and are a far cry from the ‘rigs’ that one would typically find in a research student’s laboratory, which are generally a “Heath Robinson” amalgam of piping and wiring! Read more